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Deck the Halls

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A is for Anger… And, Why I write What I write…

Very well said…

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New Cover and Excerpt

Lisa G.


My latest book, A Mighty Good Man, will be released on the 19th. Above is a copy of the awesome cover, and below is a brief excerpt to wet your whistle. I hope you enjoy it. Happy Friday!

Tracy placed her money on top of the check, and looked up to find Jack and Brian approaching. As always, she achieved tunnel vision and saw no one but Jack. Everything inside her shifted as if to make room for the overwhelming emotions she felt. She let her gaze roam over his long frame, stopping at his chest where he cradled the baby in his arms, his large hand flat against the child’s back with spread fingers. As she watched, he tenderly kissed the baby’s tiny forehead, his lips seeming to linger. Her eyes met his, and she found it difficult to look away from the intensity of his gaze. His gorgeous…

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Top 2 Bottom Reviews

Ryan Field posted this on his blog which you can find here: Ryan Field Blog and I read it and found myself nodding through the whole posting. So I asked him if he minded if I reposted this here and he gave me permission. So here you go.

Poodles and gay men are two of the most misrepresented groups in the world. When most people think about poodles, they think about prissy, high-strung dogs who yap all the time and prance around in silly haircuts and rhinestone collars. When most people think about gay men they think about what they’ve seen on TV shows and films like “Sex in the City,” where every strong woman has at least one effeminate gay friend to hang out with. Trust me on this, poodles are nothing like that and neither are gay men. I have two poodles and the reason why I have…

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Wine and Roses by LaVerne Thompson trailer

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What is Chocolicious?


Chocoliciousness is different for every reader.  It is the sensation that washes over you at the end of book, a phrase, a word…that mere language can not embody.  The response that flows over your senses like warm chocolate over the finest French vanilla treat.  Simply, it is when a work of fiction has done its job and taken you, for a brief moment, away from the ordinary to an extraordinary space.  A space filled with the secret desires of your heart.  A space that demands that you tune out real life and savor the sensation.

Our rating system is simple.  The most delicious books will receive 5 chocolate kisses, whereas the not so good ones will earn less.  Ratings are based on the individual reviewer’s opinion, as a reader.  At Chocolicious Reviews we accept submissions for all things romantic.  From sweet to out and out raunchy, we review it all.

If you are a reader…we’re here for you.  We hope to be the premier site for honest romantic reviews on the web.  Every review is written for you.  If you think you might be interested in reviewing for Chocolicious…drop an email our way.  Make sure to mention what genres you enjoy the most.

If you are a writer…we’re here for you.  We hope to provide a showcase for the brightest and the best…especially the debuts.  Please submit work in any of the following categories:  Erotic Romance, MM, Menage, Historical, contemporary, suspense, paranormal, urban fiction, IR and multicultural.  If you have any questions, drop a line to

Hope you’ll stop by often and stay awhile,

Daughter of Oshun


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