Temporary Position by Scarlett Parrish

08 Feb

Title: Temporary Position

Author: Scarlett Parrish

ISBN: 978-0-85715-800-0

Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing (October 31, 2011)

Genre: Ménage à Trois MFM/ Contemporary

Format/Length: Novella (53 pages) 172 KB

Heat Level: moderate/explicit

Heart Rating: ♥♥♥♥4Hearts

Reviewer: Artemis

From the Publisher:   Jess Ludlow’s spent three months trying to pretend she didn’t kiss two work colleagues after a staff dinner. They might not all work in the same department store but they’re employees of the same parent company and these things have a habit of refusing to be forgotten. The biggest problem is deciding what she regrets more – kissing Tyler and Sebastian at all, or walking away.

Both men have a vacancy only Jess can fill. A staffing dilemma gives them the perfect excuse to draft her in, and a brief window of opportunity to convince her they have unfinished business. Tyler can sweet-talk her in English, Sebastian’s fluent in Swedish, so between them (which is where Jess belongs); they’re ready to pull out all the stops.

And the nipple clamps.

About the Author:   Scarlett Parrish was born at a young age on Planet Earth where she still spends most of her time. Possessed of an unholy lust for James Purefoy, she sometimes ventures out to stock up on chocolate, hurrying home again before the sun burns her to a cinder. Once James realizes she’s the only woman who can make him happy, she plans to rise up, take over the world and have a nice cup of tea.

Clearly, she forgot to take her medication before writing this author bio, but she does have splendid taste in music, the ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound and no idea why she’s talking about herself in the third person.

My Review:   This is the first work from this author that I have read and there were things I liked about it and things I would have liked to see done differently. Jess has spent months agonizing over her behavior after an office party. She kissed 2 different coworkers (at the same time) and the memory of it just won’t leave her alone. When she is asked to take a temporary position in their store she jumps at the chance…concerned that it might happen again but excited about the idea as well!

Jesse is a competent and take charge employee and Sebastian and Tyler are both fun-loving and charismatic. The characters genuinely enjoy one another’s company, banter with each other lightheartedly and their interactions seem comfortable. I really enjoyed the author’s writing style.

There were two things that bothered me about the story itself. The first one is a minor issue…Throughout the book, Jess, Tyler, and Sebastian interact with each other in a teasing, fun, and friendly manner. However, when it comes to the actual sex scenes I thought they seemed a little impersonal. Hot, yes, but I think I expected a little bit more romance to go along with it.

The biggest problem I had with it was that it ended very abruptly…I literally thought my copy had gotten cut off somehow! One minute they are in a sexy little encounter and the next minute the book is finished! I think that the author should have drawn the story out a little bit more so we at least know what happens to the character’s relationship at the end.

Overall, though, the writing it quite good. The author created characters I really liked and their interactions and conversations flowed smoothly. I am looking forward to reading more books by her!

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