Detention by Stephanie Williams

30 Oct

Title:  Detention

Author:  Stephanie Williams

Genre:  Interracial, Cougar, light bondage, Erotic romance

Length: Novel

Publisher:  Decadent Publishing Company (August 24, 2011)

Heat Level: Explicit

Heart Rating:  ♥♥♥♥♥5Hearts

Blurb:  Hot for the High School principal?

You bet! What’s a woman to do when her former student comes back and reveals to her that he wants keep her for detention?

Mia Bradford is the principal of Fremont High. She’s uncompromising and believes in tough love for her students. In fact, she’s helped many of them reach their full potential. She’s always happy to reconnect with them years later and see what they have accomplished in life. But one student in particular is making her more than a little nervous.

Brett Wyndam has seen and done a lot in his life, a lot of it rewarding and some of it tragic. But the one dream he hasn’t realized in his life is the one thing he’s always wanted: Mia Bradford. When he attended Fremont, he’d served detention under her, time after time. Now that he’s back in town, eight years later, it’s time to turn the tables and fulfill a promise to himself.

Can Brett get Mia to be honest with herself and explore the desires she’s harboring? Or will the past get in the way and ruin what could be a loving, but admittedly unconventional, relationship?

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Reviewer:  Portia

Review:  If you’ve read my reviews, you’ll probably know that I am not a big fan of BDSM,  especially of the interracial variety.  I get caught up in word choices and interpersonal dynamics and end up breaking out in my own rendition of “We Shall Overcome.”  Oh, and did I mention, I just don’t get the whole Cougar phenom?

That being said, Stephanie Williams has managed to create a marriage of these three genres without offending my delicate sensibilities.  In fact, this story had me looking online to see if I was too late to sign up to teach a spring class or two.  (Community College…I haven’t grown that much.)

This story is three degrees past hot.  Brett has taken the time since high school to not only work on his academic education, but also his sexual one.  When he finds himself with a bit of time on his hands, he knows it’s time to claim the woman he has always recognized as his perfect submissive.  Mia’s first mind is to run for the hills.  But, something about Brett has her risking all to finally be with a man who can “handle” her.

Now the road to their happy-ever-after isn’t without a few speed bumps.  But, they get there.  If you are like me and thought an interracial, Cougar erotic romance with a touch of kink couldn’t possibly keep your attention, I beg you to rethink that position and click on the product link above.  This read is worth every cent you’ll spend…trust me. 😉


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One response to “Detention by Stephanie Williams

  1. Viv

    April 8, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    Sorry I’m so late to this party, but I just found you here.:) I know what you mean to some degree about BDSM stories. They’re okay, but not my first preference. That being said, a nice spanking can fix a myriad of problems. Ahem. The cougar this. Sigh. I get it and I don’t. I hate the term. With men, it’s just called wanting an attractive woman. With women, we’re somehow targeting these poor, innocent young things. Please. I’m not a fan of men who are so young I could have given birth to them, but then neither am I a fan of men so old they have more in common with the people who made me than they do with me. The problem is, being a woman of a certain age, the opportunities to find a suitable mate drop. Men our age want sweet young things, and so do men older than us. I’ll have to give this one a read and get back to you.


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