The Grunt by Latrivia S. Nelson

13 Aug

Title:  The Grunt

Author:  Latrivia S. Nelson

Genre:  Interracial, BW/WM, Contemporary

Length:  Novel

Heat Level: Explicit

Rating: 5 Kisses

Description:  Staff Sergeant Brett Black has a bad feeling that something is going to go terribly wrong. And as a Recon Marine, he pays attention to his gut. Only nothing can prepare him for what he encounters when he arrives at home from the base. His wife is leaving him, and there is nothing he can do about it.

Abandoned with a kid, the super alpha-male has to become domesticated quickly or find a willing substitute to help him with his son. Only the substitute he finds is no substitution.

Courtney Lawless is a true wild card. The budding librarian loves the classics and carries herself like a lady by day. But she also is full of life and surfs the waves of the Atlantic Ocean by night. Since her parents won’t

pay for college because of bad decisions in her past, the reformed bad-girl takes a job as Brett’s live-in nanny to finish paying for school.Brett has never seen a woman of such complex duality. Used to a wife who won’t clean, cook or even talk to him, when he starts to live with Courtney, he realizes what he’s been missing his entire life. Educated, amazing and refreshingly honest, the only thing that this transparent beauty hides from her new boss is that she’s also the Lieutenant Colonel’s daughter.Faced with another deployment to Afghanistan soon, the brooding Marine is forced to come out his shell to fight for what he loves, only this time, the war is at home.

Review:  I would have had this review done a while back but I had to stop a few times and take a cold shower.  This book is just that hot.  From the smoking hot cover til “The End”, it was a pleasure to watch Courtney and Brett fall in love.

Poor Brett just can’t catch a break.  With all the crap this man has been through, he would be justified to rock in a padded room and draw his pennies.  But, he draws on his strength as a Marine to take care of business.  I almost cried when he broke down and prayed for help and before he could get off his knees, Courtney was committing to enter his life.

Courtney is the daughter of a career military man.  She has never dated a Marine, but she been burnt by enough servicemen, to know that she is not cut out to be a military wife.  But from the moment these two connect all the rules change.  From the first kiss, Courtney’s loving care begins to heal places that Brett didn’t even realize were broken.

I loved watching Brett try not to fall in love.  He had so many good reasons not to touch Courtney.  Not the least being that her father is his senior commanding officer.  And Courtney didn’t have to do anything special.  All she did was take care of this wounded soul and his child and the Marine lost the battle he had no way of ever winning.

If you don’t own a Kindle, go buy one.  Just so you can download this book with 1-click.  There is no way you will get more romantic bang for your buck.  This was my first read of this author…trust me, it will not be my last.


Posted by on August 13, 2011 in Book Review


2 responses to “The Grunt by Latrivia S. Nelson

  1. Yvonne Horton

    August 13, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    Thanks for the review! Latrivia S. Nelson is by far one of my favorite romance authors. All it takes is one book and you’re hooked! The only reason I haven’t read this latest one yet is because I’ve been hosting “vacationing” relatives for the past week. “The Grunt” is on my Kindle, waiting to be devoured late tomorrow evening. Love you family, but I’m missing my Latrivia action! Please continue to read more from this author, you’ll only find yourself eagerly anticipating her “next book release”!


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