I Want It Now

20 May

Some readers might think that it’s easier to write 3 novellas than one full length novel, but the opposite is true.  It’s hard to develop characters that readers actually care about in the shorter format.  Especially within erotic romance.  A poorly written novella can quickly turn into porn on paper.  But Sydney Molare does it better than any better than anyone.

You’ve Got Male

Dina has it all, she is a tenured professor considered tops in her field.  But, despite professional success, love has eluded her.  Rather than jump into the dating scene, Dina gets herself a mail-order groom.  One who has spent the past two years training to love her.

Fiending For It

Elena and Chaz are married…just not as happily as in the past.  Too many dinner meetings, too many business trips…too many outside commitments have pulled them apart.  Before it gets any worse, Elena challenges Chaz to take some time out to rekindle…or she’s taking a lover.

Becoming One

Topaz is a card-carrying member of Women are polygamist, Too.  She has three husbands that she loves equally, but she isn’t happy.  How do four individuals make one happy marriage.

I Want It Now is the latest from Ms. Molare.  She has been featured in several anthologies, but this is her first solo endeavor.  I love Sydney Molare’s writing.  She has a master storyteller skill.  Pulling you in, from the first paragraph and holding your attention all the way until the “happily ever after”…oh, and the sex is smokin’ hot.  If you like your romance with strong woman and men who think women are more than just plaything, you will love I Want It Now.


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3 responses to “I Want It Now

  1. Sydney Molare

    August 13, 2011 at 10:32 am

    Wow! Thank you and glad you enjoyed. Now…you’re gonna make me write all day to finish my next! LOL. Syd

  2. Jorja Tabu

    February 24, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    Thank you for mentioning how difficult the romantic novella can be to write! It’s so nice to hear–I pull my hair out over exactly that conundrum. It’s such a short medium to make people fall in love. I love the storylines listed, too–I guess I should get reading, they sound awesome. Thank you for the new stories to check out, too!


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